War & Peace

The goal of our shop is to become a destination specialty shop where couples and family can come to shop together for interesting, different and somewhat quirky things that you don’t see everywhere. Things that enhance and promote the outdoor lifestyle.

Our Business is a shopping experience of a lifestyle of choices that represent what you stand for, what is important to you and to humanity as well.  It is a lifestyle of protection and preparedness that embodies the mindful collective of our community.

Stuart & Jael
Gun Safe


The War side is primarily product stocked from veteran run companies or companies who support injured veterans. We focus on supporting our service professionals, veterans and outdoor sportsmen, with their professional and personal needs.


Our Peace side is more sustainable and environmentally focused, with strong product selection around both manufacturing processes that are “waste” conscience or products themselves that help reduce our impact to the environment. We focus on recycled upcycles or otherwise sustainable options for enjoying the outdoors.

Bins of Vinyl Records
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