About the Peace Side

Crates of Records Skin and Home Products

Our Peace side is more sustainably and environmentally focused. Peace’s products are ones that help reduce the impact on our environment, or are selected around manufacturing processes that are “waste” conscientious. Peace focuses on recycled upcycles and other viable options for enjoying the outdoors in an environmentally friendly way.

Jael has taken time to learn about sustainable reconstruction processes in response to climate change. She has chosen Peace’s products with special attention to zero waste and reduced carbon imprint choices in construction, manufacturing and product development.

Products offered by Peace come from companies such as Sunbum, Mammoth Beard Company, Soulful Sister, and Happy Yak. Additional products offered include:

Vinyl Records
“Hipster” minded items
Home décor items and design consultation
Ecofriendly items
Diabetes-aware treats
Original folk and graffiti art
Other Random cool stuff!

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